Friday, March 27, 2009

Top Ten Biomedical Blogs

What is out there in the biomedical internet? Blogging is the new trend. It is as simple as keeping a journal. Wise biomedical experts has jumped on the train and what they are writing about is the focus of this post.

Let us know more about the top 10 biomedical internet blogs. Some of the blogs were published by biomedical experts while others have something to say about the biomedical field and the internet.

1. Gen2pen: This site freely offer information about biomedical internet researchers and contributors. Find out more at

2. Medical Blog Network: This is a research based blog that is concerned with health and community issues. Check it out at

3. Biomed Central Blog-Here is a hidden information for biomedial scientists who understand other languages besides english. It also provide employment opportunities to biomedical scientists who are good at writing and editing. This is an open door for freelance medical writers and bloggers. More information at

4. Biomedical Library Blog- Specialized information on biomedical library is made available on this site. It has been running since 2005 and the posts are well laid out in a well designed page. Check it out at

5. Biomedical Science Blog-This blog was set out to promote education and career development in biotechnology and biomedical related fields. Networking skills and job interview skills are well exposed in this blog. The webmaster skills of the publisher is highly encouraging as a biomedial scientist in the area of monetization.

Find out more at

6. Medical Writer-This blog copiously dish out hot information on the exploding field of medical writing. You may wish to freelance as a talented biomedical expert. Here is the blog to visit. It reveals opportunities you may never have heard of before. Go to

7. Biomedical Blog-This blog is everything you had wished to know about biomedical engineering. Design models and educational articles run copiously in its pages. Go to

8. Britanica Blog-This is about the race for biomedical and genetic enhancement. You can find interesting reserch on the future of genomic research.

9. Medical Research Blog- Here is the blog that reveals recent research topics in the biomedical field. What does vinegar has to do with post prandial glucose for example? Check it out and others at

10. Biojob Blog-BioJobBlogger offers services related to bioscience and biotech careers, pharmaceutical and science jobs. Also offering the services of science career development, biotech career development advice, regulatory compliance training and resume preparation.
Find more at

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Easiest Way To Get Biomedical Information

I have been digging and searching the internet to find out where one can get fast information on almost all the fields in the medical fraternity-I mean the biomedical world. Such site should provide useful information for professionals in the medical fields. There should be access to periodical news and publications. Those who want to shop for current books in their fields should have easy access to these kind of information in such site.

If one is thinking about linking up with professional bodies of interest world wide and associations in ones field, the site should provide quick information.

Yes I have found the site. It is

Talk about conferences and information about them, you'll get everything you need at hoslink. Suppliers of equipments and reagents in the medical fields display their wares here. It is so amazing. You may not get to appreciate my excitement about hoslink until you have been there. The content is super and captivating. It is my number 1 resource centre on biomedical information. Then what is next for you than to go to