Monday, October 17, 2011

Recent Update In Malaria Diagnosis

Malaria is still the leading cause of death in children and a potent threat to mothers at the same time. The pandemic is still ravaging in most developing countries and has been responsible for low productivity in the affected clime.
Diagnosing malaria parasitaemia  promptly is the duty of the Medical Laboratory Scientists. But conflicts often arise on the right method to choose for routine diagnosis in the hospital or primary health care. While some stakeholders suggests parasite density, the real professionals are insisting on blood film and light microscopy. But what is the view of the WHO as it affects this all important topic?
This question was answered in a recent document released by the WHO and serves as an authority in the choice of methods for routine malaria diagnosis.

The document is available for free download now for you Here

Quickly download it and archive it as a reference material on recent update on malaria diagnosis.

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