Sunday, January 18, 2009

How To Join And Use MEDLAB-List Discussion Group

MEDLAB-L is an internet mailing list for medical laboratory professionals in all disciplines. It is a forum for people who are associated with medical and related laboratories to share ideas and experiences, discuss mutual problems, offer advice, promote continuing education and network opportunities with international colleagues.
The list is owned by Professor Pat Letendre-a Medical Laboratory Scientist and specialist in transfusion science.

Understanding How MEDLAB-L Works

MEDLAB-L is an opt-in mailing list that uses Listserv software, a registered trademark. If you have had the priviledge to compile a bulky list of email addresses of your friends and colleagues at one time or the other, you will appreciate how difficult it is to manage multiple email addresses.
Popular email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail makes tool available in your inbox to send mail to restricted number of people. Google for example allow you to send mail to 500 people at once. Any figure beyond that will have to be queried and you must give reasons why your message should be sent to such large group of people. This is to ensure that those receiving your mail actually know you and that they really want to receive messages from you. This is the concept of opt-in(voluntary) mailing list.
MEDLAB-L through Listserv enables you as a potential user to voluntarily subscribe to the discussion group so that you can have access to multiple users across the globe.

How To Join and Post Message
In order to join the group and start benefiting from its services, you will need to get familiar with the command and address to use.
To subscribe, send a message that reads:
Subscribe MEDLAB-L Your Real Name (e.g. Benard Solomon) to
Immediately you send that message, confirmation email will be sent automatically to your email address. You will need to check your mail to complete the registration procedure. Such confirmation is to ensure your opt-in status.
After joining, you will start receiving discussion messages from the group.
For you to post any message, you will need to use the address

How To Participate Efficiently

Efficient participation demands that you get acquainted with the group’s commands. There is opportunity for you to search the database archives for past issues and how difficult problems were solved by experts in your field.
You are not expected to harvest addresses from MEDLAB-L for the purpose of sending mass commercial mails of any type.
When mentioning commercial products and services, you must provide your company affiliation in a signature.
Professional organizations and publishers who wish to publish information from the list are required to contact authors privately to request their permission and when published, MEDLAB-L should be credited as the original source.
MEDLAB-L is a vital internet tool for biomedical scientists you cannot ignore. Now that you have the insider information of how to join and use this self-empowering tool, what are you still waiting for?

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