The Histonet listserver is a listserver for the Histology profession that is managed as a service to the field of Histology by Dr. Linda Margraf, Dr. Herb Hagler and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Department of Pathology. Histonet current has more than 1600 members from throughout the world.

To subscribe to the list or change your subscription to the daily digest mode etc. you need to go to http://lists.utsouthwestern.edu/mailman/listinfo/histonet or email Histonet-requests@lists.utsouthwestern.edu with the word "help" (without quotation marks) in the subject line or body of the message. Instructions will be returned to you by email.

Once you are on the list if you wish to send messages to the members you send the email message to histonet@lists.utsouthwestern.edu

Histosearch archives the messages from the Histonet listserver and provides a search engine to search the messages by keyword(s). There are currently over 30,000 messages in the archives beginning in October, 1998. These archives are managed by Marvin Hanna. The archives are available at www.histosearch.com/histonet.html.

How to use this system: When you post your message to the Histonet listserver, you can tell the Histonet community that you have posted a picture to www.histonet.org. You simply have to give the histonet community the name of the picture file you sent to us at pictures@histonet.org.

Please allow 24 hours for posting your picture to www.histonet.org. They are reviewed to ensure that they meet histonet

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