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Weekly Buzz: International Conference Ends In U.K.As Forumites Welcome Back The Chief Admin

Hello vibrant MLS in the forum. We welcome you to another edition of our weekly buzz to give

you summary of news, events and postings in the forum during the past week.

This is in recognition of the massive positive feedback received after the page debuted last

week on this forum.

Here are the summarie of the exiting stories, comments and events for the past week.

*Chief Admin Returns As International Conference Ends In The U.K.

The Chief Admin of the highly rated social gathering for MLS-The All Med.Lab.Scientists Forum

Oni Nelson returns from the birmingham, U.K. where he gave exceptional photo coverage of the

IBML annual conference which greatly stimulated members' interests and

catapulted those at home to imaginative eldorado. Members welcome back the Chief Admin and wishes him

a better exploit in the future. Prominent among participants at the International conference

are Prof. Agbonlahon, Dr. Adia, Adibo Elochukuw and Dr. Osaro among others.

MLS In Romance Mood With Their Common History

It was Tam Adeyeye who set the ball rolling with his detailed, captivating and thought provoking

spree of the humble beginning of the profession- a common history most MLS are wont to grasp.

The serialised and educative piece is surely a must read for serious MLS.

Goodwill Messages As Nigeria Celebrates 51st Independence Anniversary

MLS are never to be left out of the Countries' 51st Independence anniversary bash.

Goodwill messages outpoured from forumites to members in the mood of national pride and

professional dignity.

MLS Grave For High Profile Guests At Annual AGM/Scientific Conference

Why is the AGM/Scientific conference devoid of VIPs in Nigeria especially the political jugernauts?

That's the question MLS seek answers for in the course of the week.

Members wish a time will come when the President, Senate President and Speaker of the house will

grace AMLSN's AGM.

Nanbol Cracks The 823 Years Unique Code In The Month Of October

What's unique about October 2011? Nanbol historical post answers the question.

October 2011 is a unique month. Such occurs once in 823 years!

'It has 5 sundays, 5 mondays and 5 saturday!

Marital Eldorado As Benjamin Chukwunonso Ajufo Weds His Heart Throb

Benjamin Ajufo led his love to the altar during the week in review.

All members wished them a happy and blissful married life.