Sunday, January 11, 2009

Understanding The Use Of PUBMED

Any professional in the medical fraternity who does not know how to use PUMED will find out that optimum search results on medical research on the Internet could not be achieved. Having identified PUBMED as the ultimate search database for medical information on the Internet, biomedical professionals should be shown in a step-by-step guide how to use this wonderful resource.
Learning how to use PUMBED with the necessary tools is the focus of this write up.

Activities you are likely to undertake when using PUBMED include the following:

· Search Pubmed For Author: This is important for you if you already have the name of the author whose reference you want to use. The resource you’ll need to learn how to search for author is

· Simple Subject Search: When you are working with a query or subject that is not complex, the simple subject search tool or techniques is your sure bet. Get it at

· Search For Journal: There are more than 6000 journals listed in PUBMED database. To quickly access the journal of your choice, here is the tool you need:

· Retrieving Citations From A Journal Issue: Citations from issues of journals is important when you are interested in other linked resources to your subject of research by the same author or group of authors. Get the tool to do it at

· Saving Your Search. The simple steps to follow in order to successfully save your search resources is available at
· Searching With MeSH database: The Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) is one aspect you must get to be familiar with if you want to conduct a successful search at PUBMED. Here is where medical subjects are listed from where you can select your search category. Find how to search the MeSH database at
· Combining MeSH Terms Using The MeSH database: Sometimes, you need to combine medical subjects terms with certain subjects in the database. Find how to do it at
· Applying Subheadings And Other Features of MeSH: Many other tools and features you can use to achieve search success is found at
· Chemical And Drugs In PUBMED: When you are working on chemicals and drugs, there is a particular section you must head to straight away without wasting time. It is found at
· The Basics Of MeSH : Learn everything you can about medical subject headings at

· Training Manual: If you are not clear about any subject on how to get optimum results from PUBMED, here is a training manual you must get to build your knowledge base. It is absolutely free. Get it at

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