Monday, February 16, 2009

Post Graduate Education Opportunities For Biomedical Scientists

The crave for education worldwide is on the increase. Professionals from around the world seek continuous education opportunities to give their career advancement a filip and to enhance their knowledge and competence in a fast changing world.
The problem is that where to find these educational opportunities is hard to come by. Ready information is desperately needed to find Institutions that offers post-graduate education opportunities to Biomedical Scientists.
This guide is an attempt to solve this problem and make the information available at your finger tips.

Post Graduate Education Opportunities In The U.K.
These courses are accredited by the London Institute of Biomedical Science. You'll find full time and part time opportunities you may decide to enrol in. The contact addresses of resource persons are made available for easy follow up or query.
Information on courses from Institutions in U.K., Singapore, Canada, Australia, Ireland etc are included.

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Chynenye said...

I must commend u for this cos its simply awesome. U r really gifted and pls keep up the good job. There is every need to come back again and again. I'm presently at UNTH bt training for my final professional exam (graduate internship) which i'll write next month. I'm so passionate about this profession so i was trying to promote it on the thread. Thanks for the good job u r doing.

easyHomebiz4u said...

Chynenye, your generous adulation is highly encouraging. I'll be glad to have you back here again. Meanwhile, pass the information to others. Recommend the site copiously and by so doing, you'll be transforming the lives of other colleagues.
Benard Solomon