Friday, April 17, 2009

Advance Mag For Medical Laboratory Professionals

If you have a single information resource that tells you everything about your profession what would you naturally do? Do everything possible to have access to it of course.
That's what I did several years ago when the dearth of information of globla standard for medical laboratory professionals hit me badly. I wanted to be on top of my profession. I needed to learn from experts in my field who are doing exceptionally well. I thought so well and rightly too at that time that these experts must have some pubications they read regularly which others never have access to.
I wanted to crack the code. Along the line, I succeeded at getting one of my senior colleague resident in the United States to recommend his top 10 resources for me.

When I got the information, I quickly subcribed to it online. There is also the paid hard copy edition. The online copy is free but you must renew your subscription every year.

Advance magazine is a highly resourceful tool for professionals who aspire to be the best in their fields. Hot information on career path, financial empowerment and job opportunities plus lots more makes regular features in this high quality tabloid.

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